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look someone wants this this is what i'm doing tonight

CR chart

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» Antoine D'coolette
Sonic The Hedgehog

❝Ugh... why doesn't zis ridiculous island ever bring any normal people?❞
So, they're not off to the best start. Keaton showed Antoine a bug, and Antoine freaked out about it. Potential for improvement is high here, and maybe next time, Keaton won't show him a bug.

» Kaden
Fire Emblem: Fates

❝When others get to know you, I bet they'll appreciate your treasures more and more.❞
Kaden is Keaton's best friend from home, even though he'd never say best friend out loud. He's incredible important and sweet, if a little vain, and Keaton's never sure how far that vanity is going to go, but he has to say, if he had to have anyone he was close to here, he's glad it's Kaden. And now he'll get to show him cooler bugs!


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I am a serious rper.
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Player: Madeline
Contact: [ profile] gimmesympathy
Age: 25
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Keaton
Age: Mid-20s, there’s no canon age
Canon: Fire Emblem: Fates
Canon Point: Post-Revelation

Background: Lupine Collector

Note: For the sake of this app, Keaton’s version of Corrin was male. As well, this app will be touching on things that happen in all 3 routes.

Ah! That guy looks nice. I'll ask him for directions back up the mountain. I may have a horrible sense of direction, but I'm a great judge of character!

Keaton is a complete and utter dog of a man. This is both true as he’s not exactly human, but also because he finds canine-like things fascinating. Dirt, bones, bugs, and broken things are some of his favorites. He considers these items his treasures, and keeps them stored, treating them like some may treat gold or diamonds. If he likes someone a lot, he’ll hand over one of those treasures, like it’s the absolute best thing in the world and that they should be so lucky to get to see and touch his special treasure.

Also, much like a dog, he wags his tail when he's happy. This conflicts with the fact that he'll deny when he's happy or doing something for someone because he likes them. He even outright says that he's not giving a shell to someone because he thinks they'll like it, but his tail is rapidly wagging behind him, completely going against exactly what he's saying to a person. As well, he can't deny things for very long either. Most people won't take that sort of things, so when they go with what he says at face value, he immediately changes what he says... or he'll just get upset.

"What, my tail? No, it is NOT wagging because I'm happy. Sheesh."

If there's something else Keaton isn't great at, it's interactions with other people. He doesn't know how to connect with someone else in a way that isn't showing them his creepy and weird treasure. Everyone should think they're as cool as he does, is his motto. So often his first interaction (shown in his support logs, which is the way that units in the army connect with each other) with a person is showing him the thing he found, be it a bug, a ripped toy, or a hole filled with bones. He wants everyone to know how cool this treasure is, in hopes they'll think it's cool too. No one ever does, and they openly tell him as such.

Keaton always makes an extremely quick flip when someone insults him or his things. At first, so long as it's not too harsh of an insult, he's still smiling and laughing, and he doesn't take it too seriously. After all, they're probably just joking, at least to him. However, as it goes on, it can be one of two things. He can either get really upset, yelling right back, talking about how great his treasures are, or he can get really upset and sad, and in some occasions, being brought to the point of tears. He's an incredibly sensitive individual.

"It's just always let me hang around and stuff. Not everyone does..."

It's clear that Keaton just wants to make friends. He comes off incredibly lonely in many of the supports, wanting to show off something that he finds cool to anyone and everyone. No matter how often someone tells him to stay away, he'll go find them and try to talk to them again. While also pretending that he's not going out of his way to find them (and failing, due to the whole tail wagging thing). No matter how often someone tells him to just leave them alone, he'll come find them again, and his tail wags every time.

When he has a friend, like Laslow, Benny, Corrin or Kaden, he treats them differently. He comes off far more 'tsundere' than he does around people he barely knows. His tail wags faster, but he also completely denies everything nice he's feeling. He'll give them presents (but deny that they're actually presents), want to show them cool things (at least what he thinks are cool things, and mileage may vary on it), and he seems a lot happier, and willing to expose his heart a bit more.

Although he denies his own feelings, he's not afraid to be honest with people and what he sees. When he sees his friend strike out with the ladies while he does too, he fully tells him that, and offers to comfort him, no matter how upset he seems that he's been found out. He's also pretty honest about himself, in some cases. He'll admit that he's a simple guy, who wears his heart on his sleeve (but he believes this to be a compliment). However, he has trouble admitting certain things until he gets really familiar with a person, such that he's a "country bumpkin", and will deny it until he feels just right with a person.

Keaton isn't exactly the brightest man. He's slow, and often takes a while to get something, and there's no promise he'll actually end up getting it. Someone has to explain something to him multiple times, while another person has to put something in the simplest language for him to even start to get it, and even then, he puts it simpler than that. He doesn't really read emotions too well, instead going by how people act and the tone of their voice.

"I knew I shouldn't have trusted humans. None of you are leaving this place alive!"

Although Keaton comes off as a cheerful, slightly stupid individual, he's also the Chief of a pack of Wolfskins (Keaton's race). In the Birthright route, he has no issue showing off his more blood thirsty side, throwing bones of humans he's eaten to protect his pack. When he feels they're all in danger of dying, thanks to another villain, he's at the ready to attack the party almost immediately (when he was ready to just let them through with no problems). There's something also pleasurable with how Keaton treats killing humans. Although he doesn't do it unless necessary (enemies of the army, or people trying to steal his pelt), he admits that he really enjoys it when it happens, and really loves the color of blood.

Keaton is, to put it simply, a dog. He's friendly, likes weird and gross things, and will fight to the bitter end. He's also not too smart, but he puts his whole heart into everything.

Abilities: Keaton is known best as a Wolfskin, and can turn into a massive creature so long as he has an object known as a Beaststone, which is a small object he keeps on him at all times. This creature is strong and fast but Keaton keeps his sense of self while in it.

He also has three separate abilities;
Collector - For the first 7 turns, he may pick up 3 Minerals or Foodstuffs based on his luck stat.
Beastbane - Deals effective damage to Beast and Horse Units when the user is a Taguel, Wolfskin, or Kitsune.
Odd Shaped - During odd-numbered Turns, damage +4

I don’t believe any of these will be of any use in the game, and as such, I’m either willing to figure out work arounds to make them useful, or keep them as is in case something comes up.

Alignment: Daimonia. Keaton experiences joy at the simplest and grossest things in life. He finds bugs exciting, broken things cool, and dirty and being rugged makes him happy. However, these things also bring him immense grief, especially when it comes to people who don’t understand his treasures. Although Keaton can almost fit into every single one of these, as a highly emotional creature, Daimonia works best as he most often shows both joy and grief in such high amounts that it feels wrong not to align him here.



General Sample: Test Drive.

Emotion Sample:
Thread sample is based off of

[Keaton huffed loudly as the rain and thunder came crashing down on him. Most dogs would be scared of thunder and loud noises, but when Keaton was upset, nothing could stop him from dealing with the issue. He had to deal with the worst possible thing. Someone not appreciating his treasures, his most valuable treasures, that he gave to them!

The worst part was, he was so happy when he gave those treasures away. The broken dish? That was one of his favorites! It was precious and valuable. Giving it away to someone important? It improved his day greatly. Sure, he denied it, but afterwards, he'd never seen such a beautiful day. The smell of new treasures flew through his nose. And although he'd never be as in love with clean fur as Kaden was, he definitely knew that he felt like a fluffier, happier wolfskin just for doing it.

But now, as he's feeling all this angry, he knows now that he shouldn't have done that, and he's certainly learned his lesson. Storming through town and grumbling loudly, another crash of thunder comes down as all his fur gets wet and pressed against him. The heavy aroma of wet dog who hasn't bathed in weeks is definitely wafting through the air.]

Questions: Will Keaton's beaststone be able to come with him? We don't have any real dimensions for it, or what it looks like, but it's small enough for him to carry around with him.

As well, what sort of bugs can Keaton find? I couldn't find anything in setting or FAQ.


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